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Escape your echo chamber,
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Elmore Green makes it easier for you get the news you never hear about. Get ten news stories you'd never usually read delivered to your inbox every morning.

What is an echo chamber?

Ever noticed that all your friends on Facebook like the same links? Surprised by the rise of Donald Trump or the success of Hillary Clinton? Brexit result a little different than you expected?

That's your echo chamber messing with you, a mixture of ne'er-do-well algorithms and human habit that limits our ability to learn about what's going on in the world.

Tell me more about these echo chambers

Elmore Green is like a multi-vitamin for your worldview

How Elmore Green Works

There's no way you're going to trawl the internet looking for news outside of your regular sites. It's like eating more greens; we start off with the best of intentions, eat kale twice, and then - pizza.

How Elmore Green Works

To save you from fruitless web searches and to give you more time to play with your kids, treat your pets or brunch; we're building a system that does the opposite of the algorithms that decide what appears in your Facebook feed, Google search and recent Tweets.

Rather than showing you news stories your will "like," our algorithm finds stories you'd never usually read. It then packages the ten most interesting stories into an email which we send to you bright and early in the morning.

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The benefits of signing up for Elmore Green

  • You'll learn about under-reported world events
  • Not only will you sound smarter, but you'll actually become smarter
  • Destroy your enemies arguments at the debate club, in the bar or just at around your in-law's dinner table
  • Increases the chance your friends and loved ones will bestow a friendly nickname upon you, like The Professor, Ol' Big Brain or Lil' Know-it-All